How to make Blue Water


If you have never heard of blue water , I want to share something I have been doing for quite a few years. first here are the reasons why I feel this water is divine!
Everything has a frequency, and those who are familiar know that color definitely has a variety of ways to make us feel differently every time.
It is my personal thought that perhaps the color of consciousness is blue.  Back in the 70’s studies were conducted using blue lights and it was noted that some people could heal using this color.

Now about the blue water, Its simple to make.

All you need is a blue glass clean container, jug,  jar pitcher or what ever you prefer, But make sure its not just painted glass.  Please do not use plastic for this task.
Fill your choice container with water make sure there is something covering it, and simply place this glass container where the sunlight can directly hit the glass.  Leave this out in the sun light for at least 2-3 hours or more if possible.    There is something about the energy of the sun rays in combination with the blue glass that will cause your water to completely change its frequency flavor and will taste delicious! plus it feels wonderful to drink it!




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