EE481 Nita Extra Large Silver Mirror

I was in a restaurant the other day when I noticed a piece of artwork that had the following quote:

“A true friend is of the fruit  of the spirit which is love”

I realized how true this statement is, Our spirit will make a strong draw to another person for friendship in our lives.. Some stay for years, others may be short-lived, But the entire time if we understand that we draw the perfect mirrors for us to see what we need to notice about ourselves this leads to an internal consciousness growth that’s amazing especially if you take the time to have some understanding for the facets of yourself and have  non judgemental acceptance.

If you do this from a neutral zone there are many things that you will be able to see. This is why the spirit will engage us in friendships out of love.  By the way the mirror is a two-way street,  not just one sided.  I have noticed this is one of the reasons why when a friendship no longer resonates or is vibrating at our same rate, In some cases these people will leave our lives and sometimes we may want to hold on even when it’s no longer in out best good.   Send them off with love and know that they were a marvelous mirror in your life.

The good news is that you will draw other mirrors into your life that will be awesome and wonderful! They will resonate more with your state of consciousness.  Celebrate these occurrences they always lead us to grow and expand in a magnificent way!



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