“REALITY IS REAL” by Christopher Agudo


Reality is Real. Real is Reality. Every Dream you live in your sleep is as real as life is a catalyst… for wonder.

You experience reality, I do too. This means we collaborate in the realness of realities truth.

I breathe, so do you. This means we create the energy that fluctuates the proof… of living. Living this reality, that reality, exponentially increasing substantial states of consciousness. For CONSCiouSNESS is an I OWE YOU – I O U – The vowels we speak be the vows we spoke when born, to commit to be man just add before man the Hue. HUMAN.

Reality, Reality, oh so in depth, Connecting energy to reality of experience is the letter O to the X. So cold, yet so warm, so filled with a fire, reality is the truth, the truth that NEVER gets tired.


Christopher J. Agudo is a Poet, Lyricist, Motivational Speaker and the Co-founder  of Living Is So Big-

“Regardless of what anyone is going through, it is the intention of LISB to make their day brighter, and more fulfilling. They want to assist people in finding their own reasons to continue living. They want to help people develop genuine appreciation for the little things in life.”



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