I Origins


I would like to share highlights from the 2014 movie I Origins this story  is very metaphysical.  For the last few years every time I watch a movie, I have decided to find useful insight or information from it, I feel this helps in the practice of developing more awareness.

The new knowledge I walked away with this movie is definitely eye opening.  Without ruining the movie for you,  I will tell you the key points  I walked away feeling more enriched by. I  have always felt that spirituality and science are  one and the same.

The scientific World tries to separate them  but to really get a broad-spectrum you must see all of the angles.  The subjects in this movie  connected some dots for me that I had already suspected concerning reincarnation and the connection with out body and our soul.  Here are a few of the Highlights and connections I made.  We often hear the phrase “The eyes are the windows to the soul”  after seeing this movie I realized this is a very large understatement, thankfully in this movie it is touched upon.

Within my own research I discovered that cameras are created  to function very similar to our human eyes. One of the most amazing things is the camera can now capture things that our eyes have been too slow to see, many times you will look at the photograph later and notice Oddities orbs or other things that you never could have seen with your naked eyes.   In the world of science, there is a technology  that has been created to allow for the scanning of the human iris this technology is called Iris bio metrics they have a large database that keeps record of  each eye.

You may wonder how is this important?  well it seems that your iris is like your fingerprint, no one single human being has identical Iris patterns there will always be variations not even twins have the same patterns.  Another point that was touched on in this movie is numerology numbers like 11:11 and 7:11


The white peacock which is a majestic bird with many spiritual meanings was also brought in to play.  In the movie, the meaning was said to be- “Souls being dispensed around the world”

In the movie we see how technology is able to compare the database of information on eyes, and who they belonged to. Also noted in this film a little girl was born in another part of the world with the exact same eye pattern of a woman who had passed on seven years previous, this is simply phenomenal,  For me  this was a wow kind of moment!  Technology being able to trace Souls that have reincarnated in another part of the world simply via their eye patterns and the database that proves it.

Other things that the movie touches on is the idea that we connect with our eyes to other worlds you could say for example, when we see a person that we have interacted with in another timeline or lifetime our eyes connect with theirs and it is our souls that recognizes this connection and it makes us feel as if we know them. The answer most likely is yes I have always believed the body is tied to higher Consciousness and it does not lie to us.

Another thing this movie proves is that our sole carries much information with us some we won’t remember consciously however one of the things that seems to be imprinted on the soul a lot of times is our fears our this seems to carry over in to our current time or life time. what this says to me is that whenever we have a fear that we don’t understand we should just take a deep breath and try to look at it and defuse it because sometimes it doesn’t even belong to us anymore.  These fears or emotions come from another location or life time.

Last but not least a question was posed with in the movie. Please share your thoughts on this if you would like to.

If you could make someone see and they are blind is this a good idea?

If you’re looking for a movie to watch this evening I totally recommend this movie it really had good information, And it made me see just how intricate we are and demonstrates  how love and life, continues through time space and many lifetimes.

live your life today like it truly matters because it does! Everything we do affects our Eternal now







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