Meet Justin Bacon


CJ: What is the title of your piece?

Justin B- This piece is titled: “I am Light”

CJ: What motivated and inspired you to do this piece of artwork?

Justin B- I was going through a difficult time, trying to figure out what my calling was. I came to realize that through consciousness, I can create my own calling. To me this piece represents being truly awake and aware of the power that we have inside of us.

CJ: Where are you from?

Justin B- I’m from a small town near Asheville, North Carolina. It’s called Swannanoa. It’s quiet and peaceful with a beautiful view of the Mountains!

CJ: What is your artistic specialty?

Justin B- I suppose you could call me a surrealist. I love creating artwork that’s wild and colorful, that also possess a great deal of emotion or a powerful message. I’m also a huge fan of comics and Japanese Manga, so I do a lot of that type of art as well.

Please visit Justin’s wonderful work at:



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