A Need to Get Lost


To me, there’s an urgent need in getting lost as much as in being found. I woke this morning feeling suffocated. I felt as if someone had put a plastic bag over my head. As soon as I dropped off the baby at the sitters I rushed home and geared up. I needed to find space in the woods, an hour away, in order to allow nature to heal me. It’s been a challenging few days. This was something I needed to do in order to find equilibrium. This was imperative for my mental health and detrimental for my spiritual body.

There’s a moment through every excursion that shatters all common perception. A new hike is nothing of what it seems. Every turn, new terrain, and path is an opening to let go of the Ego chit-chat and insidious nagging. Those first fifteen minutes of hiking are always excruciating. I begin to question the reason for putting my body through the struggle. As I huff and puff and try to get my breathing and heart rate in order I can hear my head yelling, “Stop the insanity!” Once I push through it all I am thankful that I can quiet the mind in a way nothing else can for me. I find grounding. I find peace. I enter presence and the gift of moments without distraction. It’s the biggest high for me. Nothing compares to that feeling of everything around me. I can smell the decaying soil and the trees. I feel the dew against my body. I can taste the salt of sweat. It’s as if life intensifies and properly places everything else in order. The illusion of a false reality and problems falls away. Life becomes the trail through shift in perception. Things become clear. The woods engulf every inch of me. It’s heaven on earth.

The forest will force truth out. It will kick any form of complaining out of the equation. Getting lost becomes the true essence of being found. I urge everyone to find a place to experience this. May it be the beach or the mountains or any corner of the world. May it be through painting, creating, writing or sitting with a friend. Find your niche. Find those moments that let you escape into divinity. Let your soul be in full gratitude for it. You deserve it!

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