What does the BEAVER mean?


Today as I took a mountain drive with my boyfriend down a curvy road enjoying the breezy day, all of a sudden I found myself having to slam on my breaks because a beaver crossed the road and I was almost sure that I was going to run over him we held our breath as the furry friend ran in to some bushes. I was so relieved not to have caused harm to him.  I knew immediately that I was to look up the meaning of why this beaver had risked his life in order to deliver a message. For quite a few years now I’ve always known that when you see any symbolism in animals, Its definitely time to pay close attention because usually there’s something trying to give us a message, and in my case this was the third beaver I had seen in less than 2 weeks! He had my attention big time so here is what it means when a beaver crosses your path.


♥This amazing animal reminds us to become the master architect of Our Lives.

♥Combine your dreams with actions, bring this into your reality, the beaver always works to build dams that can change the course of rivers, and create a new water and landscapes.   Make your dreams  grand, this may take a little time or not,  but keep at it.. Focus your attention with passion and action don’t let go and don’t be lucy-goosey about it.

♥The beaver also reminds us to be playful find time for joy our life, family and friends, because all work and no play makes for a boring day.



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