Time, Money, Life


I recently watched a movie titled, “In Time” and it got me thinking. If time were used in a different way than we use it now, would our society really change? Also, would our reality be vastly different? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m going to share the different ideas that came to me.
In this movie time is used as a currency instead of money. Everyone has a small device installed in their arm and at a certain point in their life it turns on.  This device measures time like a stop watch.  Those who have more time such as 100 years or more are considered to be wealthy, while those that hardly have no time are considered poor and in danger because they could expire at any moment and their life would end on the spot.
In this movie time is used very similar to how we use currency today.  You can go to a bank where they can lend you more time. This system also invites other unsavory occurrences like  the crooks who steal time as well as those who wheel and deal it out to those who can pay more for it.
some people live day-to-day with their time almost on the brink of running out of it. Time was a real commodity. I realized very quickly that time would be no different than money as a system, with all of it’s ups and downs.
Some people have an expression which is that time equals money… is this really true? Another topic which was brought up was population and life.
One of the questions posed was: If everyone lived forever, where would we put them? There are those who say that we are overpopulated and because of it we will run out of water, food and space.  I have never felt or thought this was true.
I feel if humanity took a moment to plan out a different strategy, there would be no hungry and no homeless. Everyone would be able to have clean water too.
The next question posted was: If you lived too long would you be bored and then want to die? If more people lived in the moment and really honored the present, this would not even be a question because you would appreciate that which is right in front of you, the moment. The experience that you are currently living you would create with conscious awareness in the very moment, yet, we all seem to get into trouble when we live in the past or when we’re only living in the future, period. The now is what truly counts.
Another statement that the movie had was that you could probably live forever as long as you did nothing foolish. This was a statement I definitely did not resonate with. Sometimes people want to play everything in the most careful way because of fear, they tiptoe around life instead of truly immersing and living it. I guess that is why they came up with the phrase “stop wasting time.” It has been said that time is an illusion and our scientists have proven this. That being said, we live in a construct that still observes time. I think there are many ways of changing certain aspects of that form. I have a friend that says she bends time whenever she leaves too late for some location for a meeting and somehow she finds a way to bend time and arrives right on time. It has shocked her but we all have the capacity to do things like this, it’s all about taking a chance and thinking outside of the box, living a little bit differently and if something works stick with it even if others criticize your methods. That is what living in a new paradigm is all about, trying new things and if they work for you why not stick to them?



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