Is Blood Thicker than Water?


One day, I noticed several of my friends having a terrible time with their family.
I stopped to contemplate, the common phrase: “BLOOD is Thicker Than Water”

I had to ask myself if I subscribed to this type of thinking?  My answer is..I don’t think so!
Here are some reasons perhaps it would be time to drop this phrase.

  • Your family will not accept or respect you spiritual path, and they always keep forcing their negative point of view on your choice in lifestyle. Stop and share no more with them.
  • EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION is very popular, and we must take care to not participate in it! This is to cause another to feel guilt.   Guilt is a very low vibration which causes our spirit to feel like its shrinking, and will promote negative feelings that are dense.   Most times when this is coming from another family member we want to not make them angry so we have to be careful not to go against what is in our highest good just to appease the Emotional Manipulator.
  • A big one is to have grand expectations of another because they are blood family.  Our Ego is who has the expectation, and will also cause us to feel very let down and disappointed if this expectancy does not come true.  This could be from a spouse, parent or sibling etc.   People always show you who they are.   If you pay close attention you may be able to avoid this from happening to you.
  • Becoming something you are not, because of the strong worry and concern of not being accepted, or fear of family disapproval.   You simply can’t live life authentically if you are not who you are, and joy will not be at your side with this one.   Always be your beautiful self because those who matter will love you as is, and those who don’t, Do not matter!

Many hearts have been broken because of some of these types of occurrences.  Just remember that Life always will gift you wonderful people to be a part of your life even if they are not blood related sometimes they show up in our life when we most need them. They are Soul Family.

Blood Makes You Related, But Love & Loyalty Makes You Family!




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