Poetry Light in Darkness

1466833209705Oh gidero
Oh gidero
For thou art oh gidero
For thine piece of art be thou….
….For thou art oh gidero.

Mystery, mystery, life is a mystery
Mysterious mystery, creating such history
Upon the grapevine, with taste of Listerine.

Yet, even though that be the case,
This life we live … we live with haste
And the life we ought be ….. be with
Copy, cut, paste ..
Of the greatest cheese, the finest grate.
The biggest crate, the most obnoxious paper and tape.

So, why? That is the question.
Not who
Not when
Not where
Neither what
But the grandest of all be the why, with a strut
And if this is the code of the fire and ice of the random words placed upon you tonight of the not quite understanding of my words in this plight… understand that the print shall unroll with an ease, as the 33rd time we develop this mess to create such a clean..

Poetry, a balanceful art,
A classic onsomble of light in the dark
And putting all things 2by2 in an ark.
Because with poetry you do
P o e t r y. That’s how it’s spelled.
P-o-e for poe. T-r-y for try. Because to live is poetry unless you don’t try.


~ Christopher J. Agudo is a Poet lyricist, Motivational Speaker, Author of two books and the Co-Founder of LivingIsSoBig



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