Eye of Perception

eyes of world

I sit in a dark living room. It’s quiet and serene. I can feel my breath and stay mindful of my presence. The minute the light comes on things change. I see the paperwork on my desk. I see dust on the furniture. Yet, it is still the same room and I am sitting in the exact place. I haven’t moved. But, why the difference in perception?

The minute all our senses are thrown into the melting pot of emotions, things change. This is the same with how we perceive the world around us. This is how differently we see those in our lives. They don’t change but the circumstance of dark or light do. We get to choose how we see the world. It’s all based on our illusion. Just like the glass is either perceived as half-full or half-empty, your circumstances do not change. How you see them does. You can choose the serene and calming effect of nighttime, or the chaotic stimuli of daytime. It’s up to you to step back and view a challenge, an event, circumstances, and issues. It’s up to you to put on rosie-colored glasses or live in the stress of it all. You may not be able to change your life at this moment, but you can change how you see it.

Be inJOY. Live to the best of your reality. The moment you go into depression and frustration you are attracting more of it. I understand that there are times perception is guided by chemical depletion in the brain. But, these are all opportunities to challenge yourself into the best possible person. Each time you find a speck of joy, bliss, or beauty in things around you, you will attract the simple things. Your eyes see what they want to see. You hear what you want to hear. And, you believe everything you tell yourself. The world continues to be the same but how you view it shifts your consciousness. When you slowly and gently start to reprogram and rewire your thoughts, life starts to open up. It’s all up to you!!!!



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