Can Crystals Give You Good Energy?


For a long time I was in utter ignorance about crystals and the role they can have in our life.  I believed  they would be like a beautiful vacuum cleaner sucking up all of the yuck in what ever environment they were placed, then I believed that if I wore them they would make me feel good, and change my energy no matter how bad it got, this I quickly discovered was not always the case.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying there is no potential for this to take place, just not the way that the general masses have been thinking it does.

So here is what I found.  Crystals are used on cellphones, and computers and a great variety of other electronics, one of the reasons they are used is because crystals are ” AMPLIFIERS”,  One has to pay close attention because crystals  are wonderful amplifiers, and could magnify our own energy, this can be a good thing or it can also be not so hot because, if our energy is cruddy, and we are working with crystals we must be careful of our focus, and our environment so the negativity does not amplify.

Everything vibrates, and crystals are no exception.  They can be programmed to have a wonderful vibration that can help us in our environment, and our personal life.

Let us also remember our own bodies are made of crystalline structures, this is also why we can amp out incredible energies, take stock to gift the world around you a wonderful vibe


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