Disengage from the Matrix


I enjoyed the movie The Matrix have watched it many times over. I noticed that when some people speak of the Matrix, they speak of it in terms of something that is perhaps a fake setup a computerized type of system that is synthetic. They call this place an illusion. So I wondered what is this so-called Matrix? Is it really a synthetic as everyone says it is?

Then I began looking around and I noticed LIFE,  I noticed other people, I noticed animals, I noticed nature, the wind,and the Sun.   Although I feel there are many things that may seem like they are programmed there is a lot of Life Force energy running through everything which means that this Matrix is alive and we are very much a part of it!  even if for some people, this is not their original home.  It is important to understand that we are here for wonderful reasons and that we affect everything.

In my opinion this Matrix was a wonderful experimentation of life to see how Consciousness evolved how everything can change through consciousness if we don’t want to have a negative set up then it is important that we pay attention to ourselves and what we are thinking what we are doing and how we affect our own Matrix,  Because essentially everything is mathematically exact, including our bodies even our thoughts our own names and the world we live in.  Knowing this means that when we resonate positively we affect our Matrix in a way that is really cool so I no longer watch the news or any of the craziness projected on television however I know that it is important to unplug from that part of the Matrix because it’s toxic.  If you want to make a change in the world make a change in yourself first project beauty,Love, and understanding.

raise higher levels of consciousness within yourself and affect any and everything around you disengaging emotionally from all of the crazy politics, all of the war and yuck in the world.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t notice what’s going on, it doesn’t mean that we act like an ostrich with their head in the sand it means that we have understanding but we’re not going to engage in it we are going to participate in a whole new way so that our Matrix can be different. The word The Matrix rubs people the wrong way sometimes it doesn’t feel too comfortable to hear , But the truth is,  it’s injected with lots of Life Force energy and most importantly it’s injected with us let’s make a difference together let’s make this a wonderful reality a wonderful NOW sending love to everyone!



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