What does it mean to see the Butterfly?


In the last few days I have been out and about and all of a sudden I’ve laid eyes on very beautiful butterflies big yellow and black monarch came fluttering around my face and flew off I felt Wonderful by seeing it then the next day I saw a beautiful black and blue butterfly whenever I have seen these I know that I need to pay attention to the meaning of the butterfly because they are coming to share so that we may know and better understand what’s coming into our lives.  I’m going to share the meaning of a butterfly.
The butterfly stands for complete transformation and dancing enjoy.
When the butterfly shows up in your life,  pay attention to any situations issues or subjects that you are facing at the very moment, this is why the butterfly has shown up.
Are you still in the stage of the beginning of the Cocoon?  or are you about to spring forward as a beautiful butterfly?  Not Looking Back but truly transformed? Determine what outcome you would like so you can best accomplish this.
It’s good to examine the colors of the butterfly this may also be significant.

Butterflies also remind us not to take things so seriously that we forget to play and enjoy what we are living right now they remind us to get up and move to continue and not stagnate and  to dance.  This brings the sweetness back into life.

Butterflies taste with the front of their legs they taste flowers by walking up on them,We could take a lesson from that.. Taste the sweetness in life, bring in color and joy with you.

Examine how much joy is really in your life the butterfly reminds us to make changes when the opportunities present themselves it also indicates that transformation is inevitable but you can do it without it being too traumatic if you take on the lesson of the dancing butterfly it will teach us to be gentle and joyful through our change.



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