Are you Talkin’bout my Momma?

Are you talkin’ bout my momma?

I was asked, “Where are you from?” And I reply, “I came from my mother as each of us has.”
The Great Feminine creates. She is both the mystery and the question and answer. She calls to us now beckoning us to reclaim her magical powers. These are difficult times in which corruption, oppression and deception, rape our people with war and famine.
I was asked, “What do you think it takes to change the world.”
I reply, “Perception and perspective.”
Man is his center;, his north, south, east, and west and he alone stands at the center of his psyche. His perspective is the “eyes of the world.”
There was a time when we believed the world was flat. Then our perspective changed.
So what will change our perspective?
I believe that a new calendar which measures cosmic time has the potential to recalibrate our minds to be in tune with the natural cycles of nature. The 13-Moon, 28-day calendar is a harmonic timespace matrix which can replace the current matrix, the Gregorian calendar, which was instated by the Vatican for the purposes of timekeeping for political and taxation purposes. Hence the saying “Time = Money.”
The 13-Moon, 28 day calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. In the 13 Moon calendar, Time = Art.  The divine feminine aspect of consciousness is reclaimed by observing the 13- Moon calendar. This I believe will change the world. For more information go
I was asked to select two paintings to exhibit. It seemed appropriate to me to include a couple of my interpretations of the divine feminine energies. One of the images depicts fiery transformation and power while the other presents softly, magically, against the backdrop of the moon.

~Jenny Saltzman

This beautiful piece is called “Fire Dancer”

This wonderful piece is called “As Big As The Sky”


Our Guest is Jenny Saltzman, She is an Intuitive Artist

and a Therapist She lives in the beautiful state of Kentucky.



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