Why Meditation Matters


I have been meditating for years. My morning ritual started in the midst of chaos over 20 years ago. It was a way to start my day with intention and peace. Whenever I enter into a higher state of consciousness I travel crossing realms and moving into infinite guidance. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. Everyone’s experiences are different. I begin with prayers. If there is something that needs clearing or guidance I will ask, otherwise it is just a state of being. And, in that state of BE-ing I find answers to the most complex and simple questions. Sometimes it is through a vision while other times through a word or feeling. The power of letting go and retrieving into the Divine is invaluable. There is nothing more meaningful for me in the morning time. Whenever I skip this ritual I become a bundle of imbalance energy and I am reminded to find a spot to move inward if only for a few minutes.
Meditation has no rules. I get asked how I can just stop the thought process and chit chat? I don’t control anything. I blank out. But, if a thought begins to nag, or nit-pick, or just start to take priority, I do allow for it. I sit it down as if it was a guest in my house. I don’t make it too comfortable for a long duration and then I send it off by entering into my happy place. This magical place is a bench in front of a giant waterfall in a tropical forest. I go there in my imagination and entertain the breeze, smells, plants and sounds. I am there in a heartbeat. Before long that, too, disappears and I am back in the emptiness of peace.
I believe that folks make too much out of just sitting and allowing. Control and rigidity begin to occupy the mind allowing for EGO to dictate what is correct. There is no right or wrong way. If you start with prayer and allow guidance to lead there is nothing that beats this healing modality of union with self and God. Make space for it. If you need to light incense or candles or have soft music then do so. Take five minutes of deep breathing while closing your eyes and opening the heart to all that is mystical. The Divine visits the moment you accept authentic truth and surrender.

Meditation does not have a religion. It doesn’t care how old you are. It doesn’t judge (that’s your Ego doing that) nor criticizes if you are sitting in a yogi position or laying down comfortably. Meditation has no set rules. Sure you can buy into the idea that you need a teacher or guru and that you are doing it wrong but this is a personal involvement with God. No one can truly guide you there unless you are willing to marry into this relationship and commitment of love. How do you feel when you enter the state of sleep? How do you pray? How do you move when you are among joy with loved ones or playing in nature? These are all facets of meditation. Creativity is a huge form of meditating and being close to divine energy. How do you quiet your chaos? There must be a way other than through avoidance or addiction. I do know that when I have a huge blockage I go to G.O.D. (guidance over doing). I stop the nonsense that has been fabricated in me and begin to search in the depth of consciousness for a shift in perception. God lives there.
I am no master in how to’s. I don’t have a secret formula. I refuse to tell you how you need to do something because everyone is unique. But, what I do know is that the mind, body and spirit need moments of union without judgment or unworthiness from a life of social programming. There has to be moments in the day when you kill off Ego and allow the state of consciousness to interact with your every cell. The essence of you needs a space of entering divinity and guidance. We all need a form of relaxing into the breath of life. There are a million videos and CD’s full of techniques. However, YOU have the answer to how and what works for you. Meditation is not a secret society of the universe. It is simply the infinite of your own knowing and tapping into the infinite wisdom of Spirit.

I wish you a powerfully serene and magical day. Allow your faith and mysticism to guide you into the arms of God. The universe is your playground…make each day wondrous! I love the you that embraces all that you are as AWEsome. And, I hope you love that YOU as well.



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