Playful Joy Time w/ Cindy!


CJ~ What gives you extreme joy?
My extreme joy is gathering w/ friends and family, Emotional healing, time in nature, and spending time with my two cats, painting and divining thru various methods. I love to create and develop new ways of intuitive reading .

CJ~ In your opinion what would be a wonderful and perfect planet look and feel like?
I know not everyone has the same ideas about a perfect Mother Earth and i enjoy the diversity that our planet offers as well as the people. However, I am tired of all the violence, hatred and abuse that plays out continually and wish we could start to co-exist from a more loving space before we destroy each other and the planet. I believe embracing our own individualism and seeing the joys in our differences helps to strengthen our own selves as well as the bonds we share with others.


CJ~ Where do you think you’re extraordinary ideas or artistic ability comes from?
My abilities and ideas certainly come from a deeper place and surprise the heck out of me all the time. Honest out it nothing happens. I get too wrapped up in the logistics and the fears start to come forward. But when I just put paint to paper or canvas and let it show me where it wants to go and listen to what it’s telling me it’s amazing.   Spirit will speak and it will show me where it wants to go and I listen to what it’s telling me it’s amazing. And Spirit will talk and we’ll start conversing and the next thing i know  there’s paint everywhere and I’ll see a beautiful picture and then it’s covered with more paint. I had to learn to stop worrying and judging. I have to practice everyday and when I do the doors start to open and I’m shown the way.

CJ~ In your opinion what kind of advice would would you give to someone who desires to experience more joy in their life?
Funny you should ask about how to bring about more joy. Several times I have hit rock bottom and couldn’t see the light. I truly believe God put  2 cats in my life to give me something to live for when I couldn’t find it myself. What I learned from these experiences was to hold on. Sometimes the way to joy is thru darkness and pain and in these times joy is the seed planted which has not yet broken thru the dirt to see the light of day. Find a light in your life thru these times such as a friend, a pet, nature or a creative endeavor and most importantly be kind to yourself. Stop the negative chatter in your brain and find a way to believe in yourself. Your belief will show you the way to your joy.

CJ~ If you met yourself in the future what question would you ask your self?
My question to myself would be: “What the bleep??! Couldn’t you have found an easier path for gosh sakes??” Really. But I do know for me it’s like riding the scariest roller coaster ever and when it’s all done and I’m standing firmly on the ground with my adrenaline running full force I’m gonna do it again. Because I survived and the exhilaration I feel was worth it! And that for me is life. Who I become thru the dark times enables me to embrace  the joys I have in my life in a way I haven’t been able to before. But that doesn’t stop me from saying: “Really?? You had to do it this way??!”


Cindy Sinclair lives in Florida, she is an Artist and Creator of wonderful divination systems and tools for self understanding and discovery.


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