about us~ Millie & Angélica



Welcome to Consciousness Joy… It’s a LIFESTYLE! 

Our vision is to empower the realization of connecting Mind and Body by  harmonizing the spiritual and 3D world together. As we raise our frequency to higher dimensions, we leave a legacy for humanitarian growth. Take the first steps in reminding your Spirit why you are alive!  When was the last time you played? When was the last time your heart felt true joy? It’s within your reach. It’s right inside the core of YOU.  You only need to retrieve it. A joyful life is available through the consciousness of pure contentment.

We as creations and creators are always consciously and/or subconsciously looking forward to gaining higher knowledge and expansion of our consciousness. This draws us closer to knowing thyself which is the key.   Using higher-elevated thought forms and unlocking the secret truth within us is our birth right. The time to do this is now.  Inherently all of us desire to see a world where we can grow in a limitless-joyful way because we are in it together. The experience of your reality ends and begins with YOU.

This website is for you to play, love and to help you reach the magic inside of you.

Thank you for joining us.

Angélica & Millie